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The Ci-garage

0 Comments 14 June 2010

The Ci-garage

After a long hiatus I have returned.  My travails have kept me away from the cigar world for far too long.  So, to celebrate I have a brand new accessory review for today.  With fathers day coming up now is the time to look over accessories and find that perfect item for the cigar fan who has everything.

The ci-garage is a a fascinating device I found while randomly cruising the internet.  I happened upon and felt it absolutely necessary to contact the creator and order one of these babies.

After an unexpectedly quick delivery I was able to test this out and here are my impressions.

First the ci-garage is extremely well constructed. It arrives in a nice black box with red lining and is presented as a gift item.  I opened it, bent it a bit and tried to stress the hinges a little.  It seems very durable.  Inside the box is a slot for a cigar (corona fits best, but some robustos also fit), a box of matches, a magnetically attached cutter, and an ashtray.

The cutter is a single guillotine, with a somewhat odd design. At first, it’s a little difficult to manage, but gets easier with time.  The matches are a nice addition and can be replaced with your favorite wooden matches. The ashtray seems a bit small, but after smoking a complete 6×50 and using the ashtray I found it was able to hold the entire ash down to the nub.

I also tested the heat resistance of the ci-garage by placing a lit half smoked cigar in it and closing it for 15 minutes.  The case got warm, but not overly hot, no signs of melting, and the cigar lit and tasted as fresh as when it was dropped in.

My final opinion?  This is a well constructed accessory that could be handy for many cigar smokers.  It fits in the pocket about the same as a three finger case and sits very stably on a vehicle dash or desk.  It’s a great all in one solution for the cigar smoker as long as you aren’t using a larger ring gauge cigar.  I would recommend this as a great fathers day gift.  Just make sure you put a nice quality stick in it or you are going to have to deal with the sad puppy dog look on your fathers face when he sees it’s empty.

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