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Choice of Fire

1 Comment 12 March 2010

Choice of Fire

I have a confession to make: I don’t play well with anything that has a gas igniter. Gas grills, butane lighters and anything of the sort just doesn’t work well with me. Ask my wife: she has seen me burn the hair off my hands and singe some eyebrows just with gas grills alone. Concerning butane lighters, the majority of the time, they just don’t want to start or will not stay lit for a reasonable amount of time to where I can properly light my cigar. Bear in mind that I do know how to properly fill a butane lighter; I do think that I have ended with cheap, sub-par butane lighters.

Obviously, when I have them around, an old-fashioned wooden match is my fire of choice for my cigars.

So for those of you out there: What is your choice of fire when you light cigars? And if you do prefer a butane lighters, give me some recommendations.

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