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Rehydrating the Beads

5 Comments 02 March 2010

Rehydrating the Beads

For those of you who useĀ humidification beads, I pose a question: how often do you on average re-hydrate them? It seems like in my house, given the relative humidity, I’m usually adding distilled water every two to three days. Just curious as to what others experiences with the beads are like.

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  1. I recently did some work to re-seal my humidor, and as a result I only need to re-wet the beads every few weeks or month. The relative humidity in my house is a fairly constant 40-45 though, which is a much easier case than those who live in the desert. I actually don’t re-wet the beads directly. Instead, I have a traditional foam humidifier that I soak, and the beads then soak up any additional humidity (over 70%) that the humidifier lets off. I find this results in much more stable humidity levels than if I pull out the beads and wet them manually.

  2. Tom Ufer says:

    Down here in (normally) humid and sunny Florida, I add distilled water every couple of months.

  3. CigarDood says:

    In the winter, I need to rehydrate one a week. During the summer, it’s more like once every three to four weeks.

  4. wallaper says:

    Yes, I have 2 70% pucks in my 300ct humi. I refill them each once a week. Humidity seems to hold about 60-62% this time of year in Wisconsin.

  5. VicDamone says:

    Every 10 to 12 Days… Here in NYC

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