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Canadian Lady’s Put The C In Cigars?

2 Comments 26 February 2010

Canadian Lady’s Put The C In Cigars?

There’s a big controversy in the media right now about how the women of the Canadian hockey team celebrated their victory yesterday with beer, champagne and cigars. And I only have one question. My question is directed to the association, “What are you going to investigate?” It’s a celebration bitches! (no pun) Let the ladies celebrate! They just won the GOLD MEDAL! Seriously, we all know how much work, sweat, and heart it takes for such an accomplishment, why not celebrate in style? Or better yet, with a cigar?!

Is it because they are of the lady gender? That would be sexes, no? I think Jessie Spano would be very angry right about now. Personally, (and maybe because I love cigars) but I see absolutely no problem with their celebration. It’s not like they were pouring champagne on strippers like we see on rap videos.

From the sweet heart of Agent 15 to the Canadian women’s hockey team: Bravo on your performance! Next time, let me know ahead of time so I can invite you to report a mission report (review) on the site! I wonder if they smoked a Bolivar Gold Medal?

Question To The Readers: How do you feel about the celebration?

- Agent 15

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  1. Agent 8 says:

    I agree with you. They just won the gold medal for their country in a sport they have worked the majority of their lives to perfect. I think they have the right to celebrate as they choose.

  2. Agent 15 says:

    I loved it and hopefully we can see team USA win the gold on Sunday!

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