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Do You Remember Your First Cigar?

2 Comments 24 February 2010

Do You Remember Your First Cigar?

Do you remember your first cigar? If you do, do you still smoke that cigar? How does it compare to the first time? Is it a favorite?

I’ll share my experience below.

- Agent 15

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  1. Agent 8 says:

    I smoked a couple of cigars in college but never could remember what they were. The first one I do remember having after college was a CAO Brazilia. I’m not exactly sure why I started with that. I know early on, I smoked them too fast and probably didn’t set the burn right initially, but in time, I learned to slow down and enjoy the experience. While I enjoy other CAO brands more, the Brazilia will always have significance to me.

  2. Agent 15 says:

    My first cigar was a Montecristo. I do not remember which one exactly, but I know it wasn’t a Cuban, but I do know it was a brown label. I actually think most new guys would smoke a Montecristo or RyJ.

    Anyways, I picked it up at a local winery and the funny thing is, I went back to that winery plenty of times later and the humidity inside the humidor is always way off. I remember it being horrible, and it wouldn’t stay lit and I guess I know why now hahaha.

    I do not smoke it, it’s not a favorite of mine, but it is a nice memory.

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