Room 101 323 blended by Camacho

Thu, Oct 8, 2009

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Room 101 323 blended by Camacho

This is Agent 24. My mission was to review the Room 101 323, blended by Camacho Cigars. As a member of The Cigar Spy agency, I promise to respect the A.S.H.E.S. code of honor.

Target Name:

Room 101 323 by Camacho Cigars


Target Vitals:

Wrapper: Honduran Semila 101 (exclusive seed to Camacho)

Binder: Honduran

Filler: Dominican / Honduran

Vitola: 323 – Toro – 6 x 50

Year: 2009


Background Info:

Room 101 is the brainchild of designer Matt Booth and Camacho Cigars. Matt has already established himself as a lights-out jewelry designer with his Room 101 line and this started as a collab. on some cigar lifestyle items (humidors, lighters, etc.) and quickly turned into an opportunity to impact the cigar world with what they described as “a boutique handmade cigar that will appeal to all different types of lifestyles”. The brand was born and they called the resulting campaign, “The Conspiracy”. The Conspiracy has arrived at The Cigar Spy Agency and it is my job to delve deeper and go further into The Conspiracy than anyone has at this point. It is a dangerous job (ha, ha), but someone has to do it!

Mission Notes:

Fall is here! It’s windy and there is a chill in the air. I have had to adorn the black Hoodie and go stealth in my outdoor smoking lounge! It is fitting that I am joining The Conspiracy under the cover of night and in deep cover myself! Let’s get this bad boy rolling!

Appearance and first impressions:

The wrapper is a dark chocolate brown and a little oily. In fact, I can feel it on my fingers as I test the construction of the Room 101. It is solid with one or two soft spots, but nothing that gives me any worry. The veins are virtually nonexistent and with the Room 101 band, it is a great looking cigar. The first whiffs of the head and foot reveal a hint of cedar along with the smell of fresh cut grass. The cold draw is beautiful and I do not anticipate any issues with the Room 101.

Today’s pairing:

Pairing today’s Room 101 323 with some cold spring water!

From the first light through the first few puffs, I am getting a dark chocolate mixed with roasted nuts and a hint of spice. The retrohale is pleasant, just a tiny bit of black pepper and leaves just a touch of sweetness on the tip of my tongue. The Room 101 has strong, billowy clouds of smoke that smell slightly of cedar. It is a smooth start and since my expectations were high, I am not disappointed. Tonight feels like a good Irish punk night, so we start with some Flogging Molly. “Every Dog Has Its Day” and today I am that dog!

As I get through the 1st third of the Room 101 323 by Camacho, one word springs to mind: SMOOTH! Everything about this cigar is smooth. The burn is consistent and the draw and finish are smooth as can be. The flavors are staying consistent with just a touch of cedar hanging around my palette. Also the aftertaste has just a hint of sweetness, I haven’t pegged it yet, but it tastes familiar to me. It has a bright white ash that is holding strong as we approach the halfway point. I am still getting that Flogging Molly vibe, so we stay with it.

Now we are over halfway through the Room 101 and I just ashed the cigar for the first time. I think it could have held on longer, but with the wind really picking up, I didn’t want a lap full of ash. The Room 101 is still as smooth as any cigar I have encountered. The flavor profile hasn’t changed much. The cedar is a bit stronger, but still tasting the roasted nut and dark chocolate the most. I have retrohaled damn near every puff on this cigar and am enjoying the hint of spiciness at the finish. Also, the little bit of sweet that I get as an aftertaste has me loving this stick! I am feeling a bit more aggro, so we are moving onto the Dropkick Murphys and some good Boston Irish punk! I am “Shipping Up To Boston” and loving it!

As I dig into the last third, the Room 101 is still the most consistent and smooth cigar that I have tackled up to this point. The flavor profile is still the same as when I started and other than a little burn issue that corrected itself quickly, I am finding no flaws in this cigar. This has been an enjoyable mission and one I plan to take over and over and over!

Final Statement:

We hear a lot of hype and propaganda when a new cigar is launched. Most cigars fail to live up to our expectations and while still excellent smokes just can’t deliver in the end. The Room 101 is not one of those smokes! It actually went beyond my expectations and delivered an increasingly smooth and flavorful experience from start to finish. In my humble opinion, Matt Booth and Camacho have a definite contender for cigar of the year! I recommend it for all types of cigar smokers and I promise you will not be disappointed! Finally I need to give a shout-out to my good friend Keeley!

-Agent 24 signing off

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  1. Carl Says:

    Man, I can’t wait to try one of these, i hear they are all the rage ;) Looks like you have a bunch…hope you enjoy the all as you enjoyed the first!

  2. Mike - KnightRid Says:

    Great review – cant wait to get my grubby little paws on one to try! I keep hearing how good they are, but I will test for myself someday ;)


  3. @Keith_Humphrey Says:

    Great review. Can’t wait to try one. Per my Wichita cigar shop, we’ll have to wait awhile for them to get here. :/

  4. Bill PappyFerrara Says:

    Great review. I agree with you this cigar definitely went above my expectations. Pappy

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