Cain Maduro

Wed, Sep 16, 2009

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Cain Maduro

Cigar Mission #23
My name is Agent 8. My mission was to review the Cain Maduro. As an asset of The Cigar Spy agency, I promise to respect the A.S.H.E.S. code of honor. The information below is my debrief.

Target Name:
Cain Maduro

Target Vitals:
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Maduro
Binder: Blend of Nicaraguan Ligero
Filler: Blend of Nicaraguan Ligero
Vitola: Torpedo 6 x 54
Strength: Full Bodied
Average Price: Around $7-8 per stick; About $145.00 per box of 20 online

Background Info:
A new creation from Sam Leccia, these cigars are made from a straight blend of ligero tobaccos and filler, coming from the Condega, Esteli, and the Jalapa Valley in Nicaragua. The Cain website has a much more in-depth look at how the development process on this cigar brings upon the final product. I would urge anyone interested to give their site a look.

Mission Debrief:
The Cain Maduro I had heard some rumblings about throughout the reaches of the Internet. Typically, anything made from either the Oliva family and/or Sam Leccia (Nub) is most likely going to be great. Luck was with me as I found a single box of the Cain Maduro less than half full in my latest visit to The Hill Cigar Co. in St. Louis. Not one to pass up the opportunity, I took one for immediate interrogation.

This is a well crafted, attractive looking cigar. The maduro wrapper I found to be quite veiny and had a coarse-looking texture. However, I felt that the band, primarily white with red and gold highlights, really completed the overall appearance to the cigar: simplicity with a certain elegance. No issues were found on the wrapper, such as extra globs of glue or a chipped portion of the wrapper. I did find a firmer-than-usual spot within the middle of the cigar. I’ll have some thoughts on that later in the review.

Giving the cigar a cut and lighting with my butane lighter, I was taken by surprise by my first draw in that it was quite tight. A bit unusual fare considering who the cigar comes from. No matter as I gave the cigar a little higher cut. A bit tight even still but I ended up staying with it and I’m glad I did because about 45 minutes or so into it, the draw of the cigar opened up and gifted me large plumes of white smoke. It simply could have been a tighter roll near the middle which caused the tight draw. It worked itself out and I ended up happier in the end.

The flavors accompanying this cigar vary: a hint of spice and leather, coupled with a rich and smooth mochaesque-maduro hit to the palette. You can expect that hint of spice to fade after 30 minutes or so. Also expect the flavors of the cigar to relax slightly, giving it an even smoother taste. The last third of this cigar will strengthen the flavors slightly. Nothing that anyone would regret but it is something to note. Unlike the Gurka Triple Ligero from my last review, this cigar is definitely on par as a more standard maduro, meaning a longer and stronger finish with this cigar.

As for the ash, I felt it held pretty well to this cigar overall. Expect a slower and an even burn as well. My smoke time for this cigar was roughly two hours, fifteen minutes but if I wanted to exercise some patience, I probably could have stretched it to close to three hours.

While the Gurkha Triple Ligero left me wanting more from a maduro cigar, the Cain Maduro gave me exactly what I wanted: a complex, full-bodied, pleasant smoke that made me want another one…or ten. Do not hesitate to get your hands on these should you be a maduro and/or full-bodied cigar fan.

- 8 -

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  1. Luke - AspiringGentleman Says:

    Despite the many, many reviews being put out on these, I have yet to try one. My local B&M is sold out, I’m going to have to put an order in online *clicks ad*. Nice review, thanks!

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