Trinidad Coloniales

Wed, Aug 26, 2009

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Trinidad Coloniales

Cigar Mission #38

My name is Agent 15 a.k.a The Boss. My mission was to review the Trinidad Coloniales. As leader of The Cigar Spy agency I promise to respect the A.S.H.E.S. code of honor. This is my cigar mission report.

Target Name:

Trinidad Coloniales

Target Vitals:

Wrapper: Cuba

Binder: Cuba

Filler: Cuba

Vitola: Colonial

Year: 08

Background Info:

Perhaps one of the best slept on cigars in the Cuban market. This not-so little cigar comes with a big surprise.

Mission Notes:

It’s about an hour away from midnight and I am ready for a cloud of Cuban aroma to blend in with the stars above me. I know I may seem a bit greedy in trying to make my night even better, but why live if you can’t put extra frosting on your cake? I just want tonight to be extra sweet.

I take my first puff and POW! I’m talking old school classic Adam West Batman punch, KABAM! A ton-normous amount of flavors of pepper, light spice, tea, and small dashes of dark chocolate sweetness cover your entire palette. That was the “pow” part, as for the “kabam”, well that’s the smoke. If you like a cigar that produces a ton of smoke, this is the one for you. And so much for my stars, with the amount of smoke coming from this Trini you cant see them!

Final Statement:

With all the big name “celebrity Cubans” (as I call them) getting all the attention, its so sad to see this great cigar in the back of the line. I’d really like to see more Trinidad cigars in the “V.I.P. section!” Try any Trinidad, the Coloniales or the Fundadore and I promise you will not be disappointed!

- 15

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  1. twitchkoff Says:

    Try the Reyes. My fave trini – amazing flavor and for small stick, it truly has amazing complexity.

  2. Agent 15 Says:

    you my friend have good taste, I love the reyes!

    thanks for sharing with everyone :)

    - 15

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