Bolivar Simones RE Canada

Wed, Jul 15, 2009

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Bolivar Simones RE Canada

Cigar Mission #36

My name is Agent 15 a.k.a The Boss. My mission was to review the Bolivar Simones Regional Edition Canada. As leader of The Cigar Spy agency I promise to respect the A.S.H.E.S. code of honor. This is my cigar mission report.

Target Name:

Bolivar Simones RE Canada

Target Vitals:

Wrapper: Cuba

Binder: Cuba

Filler: Cuba

Vitola: Robusto

Year: 2007

Background Info:

Since 2005 Habanos, S.A. has been releasing exclusive blends, vitolas, LE’s, etc to specific regions around the globe. In 2007, the Bolivar Simones was released for the Canadian market.

Mission Notes:

This mission is taking place “En La Isla Del Encanto”, Puerto Rico. I’m in my Polo boxers, a wife beater and sweating like I just came out of the sauna. (lol) Sorry for the mental picture, but it’s super hot here in Puerto Rico and I don’t care. Actually, I think the lady who is doing my bed just got scared too (lol). Anyways, back to my mission duties.

The cigar starts of with a soft earthiness flavor, mixed with a tangy and nutty aftertaste. This aftertaste is awesome! It’s long lasting and brings back memories of the PSD4 Reserva (that cigar is out of this world). What an amazing start; there is absolutely no waiting around for flavors, its just one “BOOM BOOM POW” Black Eyed Peas style burst of flavors right from the jump. Mid-way point, the body picks up and it’s a more medium-to-full body, not mild-to-medium like it was in the beginning. I’m still in awe with the flavors, its perfect to my liking, lots of rich flavors and it stays in that medium body range.

No surprise, the smoothness in this cigar represents what Cubans deliver very well, and man-oh-man do they do it so good! And honestly, yes, I am very surprised how good this cigar is. Better yet, how well it’s coming around since I first smoked it.

Since my “Final Statement” will be more of an advice, here are my final words on this cigar. It’s awesome!

Final Statement:

From one Cuban fan to another, please do NOT buy into the “RE” and “LE” hype. From my experience and my honest opinion, there isn’t anything special from these cigar that you cant get from a regular release. Out of the hundreds I have tasted, and been gifted, this cigar is one of the best ones. This would be #3 behind the “Edmundo Dantes RE Mexico” and “La Gloria Cubana RE United Kingdom”. In other words, just choose wisely, enjoy a cigar because its good, don’t enjoy the cigar because its “limited” or because “you cant get it”, that’s dumb.

Extra Info/Link Love: James Suckling has a great explanation and info on the Cuban Regionals. I don’t always agree with this guy. Shit I don’t even know if i like him very much, but what he explains and says in this video, I will definitely back up and agree 100%. Check it out, click here.

- Agent 15

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    Excellent review, D.
    Those are fine cigars.

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