Nub Connecticut 464T

Sun, May 24, 2009

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Nub Connecticut 464T

Cigar Mission #26

My name is Agent 6. My mission was to review the Nub Connecticut. As an asset of The Cigar Spy agency I promise to respect the A.S.H.E.S. code of honor. These are the facts. This is my report.

Target Name:

Nub Connecticut 464T

Target Vitals:

Wrapper: Connecticut (Ecuador)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Vitola: Torpedo (4″x64)

Background Info:

This target was created by Sam Leccia (via Oliva) in his underground lair using Frankenstein-like methods. Okay, not really, more like his garage. The idea behind this cigar is to create a “sweet spot” of flavors for the entire smoking experience. The size is unconventional, the information obtained?…Let’s find out…

Mission Notes:

I am a wee bit terrifyingly intimidated by the ring gauge of this particular target. Imagine Shrek lighting one of his tanned fingers on fire and shoving it in your mouth. (Insert Visual Here) However, no sidekick donkey here. Nicely developed flavors coming from this Connecticut. Smooth. Nutty, creamy smoke.  Woodsy at times and constantly buttery. Great with coffee! No burn problems, a bit awkward to light though. Target was incinerated post-interrogation.

Final Statement:

I will absolutely maintain reconnaissance on the rest of the Nub syndicate… between sifting through the box of costumes Agent 10 mailed to me. Sir, I told you… no polka dot. Donkey.

AGENT TIP # 26: When undercover as a clown, use the regular red nose, not the squeaky one. Small children and Agent 10 giggle too much for you to remain incognito.

-End Transmission.

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  1. Agent 10 Says:

    :Squeak Squeak:


  2. BradinBuffalo Says:

    Great review…..

  3. Mike - KnightRid Says:

    Nice review. I only ever had the 460’s in each of 3 Nubs that are available right now and I have to say the Cameroon was my favorite. I still like the Connie in the mornings with coffee but if I had achoice, Cammie would win 99/100 times :)


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