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Cohiba Lancero (Pre-1982)

12 Comments 10 March 2009

Cohiba Lancero (Pre-1982)

The Target: Cohiba Lancero (Pre-1982)

The Strength: Medium to Full
The Wrapper: Cuba
The Binder: Cuba
The Filler: Cuba
The Year: Pre-1982 …. i wasn’t even born yet!

The first thing to catch my eyes is the old Cohiba band. Oh man, it’s a beauty! It just screams classy, vintage, and legend. It’s a Lancero which besides the Lonsdale, is my favorite vitola now a days. I love the length and the small ring gauge of a Lancero and I am a big believer that the smaller ring gauge concentrates on the flavors better.

The cigar’s wrapper is extremely light in color. Almost like a light yellow with a soft brown background. It’s definitely the lightest Cohiba I have ever seen, but I am sure the age has a big factor with the color and it’s just so different from the current production. It smells great, it has a “hayish” smell, which makes me wonder if this is what Cuba use to smell like in the 80’s. (haha) Honestly, what more can I say? It’s one extremely beautiful presentation and exactly what I would expect an old Cuban to look like.

Ahhhh, the oh-so sweet flavors! First, it starts off with this amazing creamy flavor. Then, it’s followed by hints of almonds, caramel and light cappuccino undertones. And that this point, I am just in awe and falling in love with this cigar. The finish is long on the palate and fills the top of your tongue with a ton of complexity. It’s one of those cigars that fills your mouth full of flavor and it just feels like it will last forever, even minutes after releasing the smoke from your mouth you can still taste it.  As you move on, it goes from medium to full body and loads up on the cappuccino and almond flavor. It also feels like the cigar becomes more and more smokey, with every puff I felt more and more clouds of smoke, which is great because that means more flavor. But again, the super long finish was just amazing. It honestly felt like i never stopped taking puffs because that finish was forever long lasting, I loved it!

The construction was flawless with a nice even burn, perfect pull on the draw and of course an ugly ash. And no matter how many years of age or how amazing a Cuban cigar is, the ash will always look messy and bad. My second favorite part was the aroma, it was strong and smelled amazing. It was the perfect match to the great flavor.

And in all, this cigar ROCKED MY WORLD. I love Cohiba Lancero’s and this cigar took it to a whole different level. Mellow, medium body, amazing flavor, perfect aroma, amazing long finish, and just fantastic.

My Score: 97

- Agent 15

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  1. A well aged cuban says:

    So glad to read a review from someone who knows why the Cuban cigar is so special. Have gone out of my way these past 12 months to try other cigars apart from cubans. Feel like i have tried them all…No more…i am going home. X

  2. MountChuck says:

    Very cool. Nice to remind everyone that just because lanceros are on the rise in the industry doesn’t mean they’re just a response to the 6×60 craze of 3 years ago.

  3. Agent 15 says:

    Lanceros are definitely the hottest vitola out right now. Especially in the NC world, you see more and more Lanceros.

    Yes! An aged Cuban is definitely one of a kind :) Welcome Home!

  4. Great review. I’ve often wonder how well a cigar with that much age on it would hold up. It would appear that they hold up well, just goes to show what proper storage will do for a world class cigar.

  5. I’m no expert but it looks fakes to me LOL :) I kid…

    Sounds like a great smoke and “a well aged cuban” had a positive comment which we don’t get many of those from him on SR. LOL

    Great seeing you over the weekend btw! Good times…

  6. Agent 15 says:


    Thanks for the comment man! It’s definitely true, I always wonder how a particular cigar/brand with that much age is going to smoke. And honestly, some Cuban cigars with “to much age” turn out really really bad. I smoked a 70’s Cuban RyJ once and it was nasty as shit. Then we smoked the same cigar from 05′ which was 10x’s better.

    Thanks and congrats on the website, you and Charlie are doing one amazing job.

  7. Agent 15 says:


    You are my homie! It’s always fun hanging with you, look forward to the next one and CigarFest :)

  8. Great review on a great smoke. I agree with you on the flavor and lingering characteristics of the Cohiba band. They are truly amazing smokes. I would love to dive into one of those with that much age on it! How amazing! Again, thanks for sharing with us. Keep up the good work!


  9. Steve says:

    That Cohiba is a fake, the band is incorrect for pre 1982. This is a legit band:,3392,8,00.html

  10. Steve says:

    Where did my post go? You review a fake Cohiba and then when called on it, remove my post? Whats up with that?

  11. Agent 15 says:

    Steve, your post didnt go anywhere. It must be your first time posting? Your IP has to be approved to make sure its not spam before it post (normal thing for all sites)

    The bands were not changed till the early 90’s, this cigar band is before that was done. I’m sure I have a lot more pics from the cigar somewhere (this was smoked last year in March of 09′) I’ll see what I can find to post.

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