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Casa Magna

31 Comments 17 January 2009

Casa Magna

The Strength: Medium
The Wrapper: Nicaragua
The Binder: Nicaragua
The Filler: Nicaragua

The Casa Magna is a good-looking cigar. It has a beautiful dark small oily wrapper with little black details which kind of reminds me of the way the Illusione wrapper looks. The band is pretty nice too and if you cant tell by the constant change of logo’s at The Cigar Spy, I love design and appreciate good art when I see one. And this band, i like. Of course, the band is no Padron 80th (hahaha, oops didn’t mean to compare it to the Pardon 80th) but I really like the “vintage” look it has going.

Besides its great looks, this is one pretty big cigar. It’s pretty long in length and it has a 56-inch ring gauge. And with tobacco from one of the strongest part of Nicaragua, I am hoping it’s not a powerhouse cigar with no flavor. But I don’t think Cigar Aficionado would make a cigar like that the #1 cigar of the year. Well, unless they buy the big ad spot on there magazine. (I didn’t say that ….. no , yes u did.)

The flavors on this cigar are extremely boring. All you get are flavors of black pepper and white pepper through out the entire cigar. The finish is nice and smooth, but there’s no flavor behind it. In other words, it’s not a cigar that leaves that beautiful aftertaste from a rich cigar after you blow out the smoke. It was just plain, dull and no long flavor finish. As you get far down the middle, you still get plenty of black pepper and nothing else. Once in awhile after the half way mark I got a little coffee like flavors, but it was probably coming from the Coffee I started drinking to get this black pepper taste out of my mouth. The Casa Magna lacks tremendously in flavor and I didn’t bother smoking the last third.

As boring as this cigar is, it does burn well and is well constructed. The draw was a little on the loose side, but it didn’t affect the burn, so its okay. There’s plenty of smoke in the air, but lacks in aroma. All in all, it looks like a cigar, but doesn’t taste like a good one.

I still don’t understand how this cigar is #1 over at Cigar Aficionado. I guess it’s another reason why we don’t follow them anymore and don’t respect them like we use to. If this cigar is #1 because it’s a $5 cigar and Cigar Aficionado wanted to play the “economical card”. Here’s my advice to you, save a dollar and go get a Padron 2000. Its 100x’s better than the Casa Magna and way more “economical”.

My Score: 86

- Agent 15

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31 Comments so far

  1. Clampdown says:

    Thanks for the revew, I have zero interest in ever trying one of these. For CA to make an unknown and in my opinion and undeserving cigar like this the top cigar of the year is on the same lines as making J.P. Darche the NFL MVP (he was the Chiefs Long Snapper).

  2. Agent 15 says:

    lol i agree.

  3. Patrick says:

    Who bought you that cigar?

  4. Agent 15 says:

    That’s true! I gave Patric a Ramon Allones Small Club Corona and he gifted me the Casa Magna. i think you got the better smoke of the two lol

    Thanks man! we should get together again soon!

  5. PatF says:

    I smoked this same cigar and same vitola. I also thought it was boring smoke. That said, CA reviewed the robusto vitola. I wonder if getting a different size will make that much of a difference…

  6. Agent 15 says:

    Yea, sometimes the vitola makes a difference. Maybe I will give another one a try ….. Maybe.

    Thanks for leaving a comment!

  7. Agent 6 says:


    CA makes for a good implement to scrape doggy poop off Spy shoes. Just my opinion.

  8. Agent 15 says:

    my spy shoes stay clean :)

  9. Mena says:

    Hey guys. New to the website and I am loving the reviews so far… I ran across this one simply bc of CA recent top 25 of 2008. I’m not sure if any of ya’ll subscribe to CA but I thought it was really funny that the top cigar of 2008 wasn’t even the top Robusto of January 2009 (it ranked #3)! Keep up the good work on the reviews!

  10. Agent 15 says:

    welcome Mena!

    thanks for leaving a comment, i hope you stick around!

    - agent 15

  11. steve says:

    I totally disagree with the review. I had the smaller size Casa Magna, about 5 x 44 ish, and it was wonderful for my tastes.
    Just goes to show you that just like coffee, mustard, wine and cheese, everyone has a different palate and taste. Reviews are just opinions, so it is sad to see guys say they will never try one based on a review.
    My question to you:” Do you really want to agree with everyone elses opinion?” You will never pave you own path if you want to be a robot.
    To the guy who calls this cigar an “unknown” Do you know who Nestor Placencia is?? or Manuel Quesada ?? Maybe you should look up their names.
    And finally to the reviewer, your review is not very objective, you use lots of opinion-like words,such as “boring” ,”just” “lacking” ,”all you get”.
    You talk about it tasting like pepper all the time, some people may like pepper “all the time”, so why beat up a fine cigar beyond objective and into subjective from two of the industries most respected names.
    These kind of personal opinion reviews just hurt the industry.
    IN my opionion.

  12. Agent 15 says:


    Thanks for your comment. You are right, some may like this cigar. As they say, “the best cigar is the one you like”. However, for me it was far from good, but that’s just me.

    Thanks again for sharing your opinion.

  13. steve says:

    No problem Agent15. We all are entitled to our opinions, and I appreciate you posting my slightly “brisk” response.

  14. VicDamone says:

    whats up playa, finally someone with the cojones to leave an honest opinion. I feel the same way about aficionado and the alec bradley tempus. If your gonna review a cigar at least be honest, don’t hype a stick if its not worth it just because they pay major bread to put a huge an in your mag….. much respect to agent 15… u tell the truth without getting complicated….maybe u should start a mag that tells it like it is….

  15. Agent 15 says:


    Thanks man. That’s what we do here at The Cigar Spy, we keep it funky. No matter what, no matter who, etc. We keep it real as possible.

    thanks for the the comments, hope you stick around!

  16. jack says:

    First off, great site. I just stumbled on you when Googling this cigar. I like your honest opinions and openness to allow others to respond with theirs.

    I just tried a CM Robusto this weekend after reading very mixed reviews on the web. I figured since most of the reviews were earlier in the year, and some had suggested the sticks were “rushed” to the market, that giving them 6 months to stabilize might be advisable.

    I have to say that I loved this cigar. I even passed it over to my wife to try a few puffs and she really liked the cigar as well. We both enjoy bolder ad complex flavors, and we felt this cigar had a really nice taste with hints of toast, wood, pepper and a slightly leathery flavor in the aftertaste.

    I’m glad you reviewed this even if our opinions differ. It seems that getting a good rounded set of opinions can really help when selecting a new smoke. I know what I like, and if I hear “pepper” in your review, then it lets me know that there will most likely be flavors I enjoy.

    I’m always looking for another good “go to” cigar. I’ll probably be adding this to my list, as well as your blog.

  17. Agent 15 says:

    Hey Jack,

    Thanks for posting your comment and review on the cigar, i appreciate it! Maybe re-smoking it would be a good idea (and a good excuse for a smoke haha) it would be interesting to see what happens this time around.

    Again, thanks a lot for adding your 2 cents. Welcome to the site!

    - 15

  18. Roger Williamson says:

    Casa Magna – OK I got this cigar in my humidor from CI’s Cigarfest. I am fairly new at the cigar game but am learning as fast as I can. I have never read any cigar magazines except the one I got at Cigarfest. I had just qualified for a poker tournament online late one night. The winner of the tournament I qualified for would win a seat at the World Series of Poker worth 13 g’s. Needless to say I was amped up and even though it was late I knew I would not be able to sleep. So I crept up to the bedroom, moving quietly in the dark so as not to wake my sleeping wife. I opened one of my humidors and reached in and pulled out a cigar without ever seeing it. I then proceeded downstairs and out to the garage where in the light of the outside spotlight I clipped the tip and lit her up. I knew immediatly I had a good one but did not look to see what it was. I wanted to explore the taste and savor the cigar before my thoughts could be colored by a name or a label. I thought it was smooth and tasty. I did bring a small bit of bourbon on ice with me and the two tastes seemed to blend very well. As the smoke continued I thought it became even better. I liked the feel of the oily colorado wrapper and it was then that I illuminated my surroundings to see what I had and to remove the ring. Being a relative novice and almost completely uninformed the name meant nothing to me at all. As I got down to the last third I admired the tight grey ash on this firm little stogie and wished I could have another to see if it would be as good. The finish was nice and did not get to hot and had just a little spice but not enough to distract. I finally put it down as it was getting very late and I would have to rise in just over 4 hours to go to work but I kept going back to take a few more drags before I retired. I went to bed very satisfied. Only the next day did I Google the Casa Magna and see it’s impressive pedigree and favorable reviews. I also realized that they are out of stock everywhere. I did manage to nab CI’s last two though and they sit in my humidor as I write this awaiting further testing. When the last two arrived I finally got to look them over in the light of day. I like the look and color of the wrapper and both seem firm and ready to go but they must be rehabilitated after their long truck ride.

    Some notes – Inspired by my love of bourbon and seeing an ad for Maker’s Mark cigars I filled my CI Cigarfest humidor’s humidifier with bourbon. My main humidor uses just water. I also conditioned it with bourbon instead of water. Soon thereafter I had a Java cigar with it’s rich notes of mocha and coffee. Further inspired or driven to madness as I am sure some of you purists would howl, I dropped in a handful of coffee beans. And that is where my Casa Magna sat for 2 months before I even knew I had it. I am not sure that the bourbon and coffee bean humidor has a noticeable effect since I don’t know enough to be able to discern tastes without thinking too hard and I don’t know what most of the cigars I have in there would taste like in a normal humidifier enviroment. But I am conducting a few tests to find out. I have a friend who is very knowledgable about cigars and we will be conducting extensive testing on the 4th of July. We have 4 identical cigars, 2 in the bourbon and bean and 2 in the conventional humidifier. I will post the results of the test soon thereafter.



  19. Steve F. says:

    Cigar Spy, just a short intro…I have smoked “Alot” of cigars to include “Genuine Cubans”, so my palate is well, well seasoned. I am a Government Contractor that has traveled the world and cigars keep me grounded! ……….OK to the review, I felt the same as Agent 15, the cigar of the year for CA magazine was an unknown? And it beat out such names as Padron and Ashton. This must be a “Golden Find.” And to the other Steve, “I know who produced this cigar” and unfortunately, some notable Cigar makers have made “bad” cigars before. I have smoked 2 Casa Magnas in the last week, their Torpedo, and the Fat Robusto size. They both smoked OK, but that was it. You know the kind of cigar that you say…”This isn’t bad” but that is as far as it got. I tried to think of other cigars it reminded me of, but it lacked something that kept it from being notable…just a good cigar, but “Definately Not” a #1, 2 0r 3 Cigar of the Year. I still may smoke the CM from time to time because it is an “OK” cigar for the price. Keep up the good reviewing, I’ll pop in from time to time.

    Steve F.

  20. Mark M. says:

    Stopped into my local shop and picked one of these up to see what all the hype was about. I’ve smoked hundreds of different brands and have a refined and discriminating pallet and was really looking forward to tasting this cigar after reading CA’s article. My bro-in-law and I both smoked these on a mid August evening after dinner with Canadian beer. I use a “V” cutter and snipped the end and plopped it in my mouth. I like to draw through the cigar unlit for about 5 minutes and see what flavors I can pick up. I didn’t notice anything special during this stage, I usually pick up earth tones and hints of spice but got nothing. I lit it and immediately tasted smoke without any of the tastes I had expected. I usually wait until I’ve got a decent 1″ to 1-1/2″ of ash before I start to judge. At that point it tasted like smoke, leaving a heavy smoke taste on my tongue with none of the qualities I had read. Hoping it was a little slow in showing it’s taste, after the first 1/3 it tasted like “smoke”. I shook my head in disapproval and contiumed on the the next 1/3. Again, hoping for a change in taste I was once again disappointed. The taste didn’t change one bit, still the taste of smoke with nothing else. At this point I was ready to toss it into my flower bed and chock it up as a bad choice but wanted to give it every chance to prove it’s worth. Unfortunatly it finished exactly as is started, smoky, what a piece of crap cigar! Thinking I may have got a hold of a bad one, but my bro-in-law experienced the exact same thing. If you see a box of these in your local stogie shop, step away and continue your search. Who paid off CA to write that cigar up with such high marks????

  21. Agent 15 says:


    Thanks for sharing your experience. I know exactly what you mean, my experience with this cigar has been horrible. I even went back to smoke another one, and it was the same dull boring smoke i remember it to be.

    Who knows how much CA was paid lol

    thanks again!

  22. Sticks says:

    I have smoked hundreds of cigars and the Casa Magna was as boring as they come. It had a hint of chocolate for all of ten seconds. That was it and I was lucky like you guys because mine did not have what one would call perfect draw. It was fair to marginal at times. Yes, I knew created this cigar and not all of Nestors cigars are top quality either. He cranks out a ton of various brands and his are some of the ones that I find are notorious for some draw issues. I think C.A. makes some very dubious picks for top cigars and I know that it’s different strokes for different folks but they are really off the mark on many of their picks. Yeah, and A.B.Tempest is another example. Thank you for letting me vent. Viva La Cigars!

  23. Agent 15 says:


    thanks for sharing your experience with us. “boring as they come” I couldnt agree more lol

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  25. long_thick says:

    Great cigar in robusto size, much better than this reviewer advertises. I work for Cas Magna and this is a darn good cigar. If you dont like it, dont buy it, we rockin the Miami parties with Casa Magnums right now yo.

  26. bubbanewbie says:

    Been smoking cigars 4 months, and December is my month. Birthday and Christmas leading up to New Years eve.

    I have been tasting a variety of cigars to see what I like, just left my local tobacconist having picked up a Casa Magna robusto, a Montecristo (my fav so far), and a A. Fuente. I have also acquired a bottle of Hennessy XO to enjoy for the holidays.

    Being a newbie I am not yet at a stage to call any decent cigar boring, yet at the half way point with the CM I can say it is not overly impressive.
    Medium, taste of pepper, hard draw at first and slightly harsh taste, after 1/2 inch the draw is good and harshness gone, even burn and tight ash. Maybe it is the cognac, but I have been getting a light cocoa and caramel flavor and the creaminess has picked up as I get deeper into the cigar. I am enjoying this one but it isn’t going to make it onto my favorites list.
    Past the half way point, creaminess has increased, a bit of coffee taste has come out in place of the caramel and I am getting a buzz.
    Just pulled the wrapper, another bit of harshness now gone, a hint of toffee maybe, now coffee and creaminess dominate with some cocoa.
    Not bad, draw has tightened again, but not hard. Into the final third pepper and chocolate up front with some creaminess.

    This is the least expensive cigar I have tried so far, not bad at all, but not quite #1 for the year.;^)

    Thanks for the nice site, Agent 15.

  27. Frank Patterson says:

    I agree with Steve on this one. I picked on up at random over at Tender Box and loved it. It was only later when I started looking at reviews online that I realized it had been rated so highly by CA. I’m not saying it should have been rated #1, but it is one of my favorites in the price range, that’s for sure.

  28. Bill arness says:

    I am smoking one of the Casa Magna cigars now. I am enjoying it.

  29. ABSOLUTELY agreed. This is NOT a #1 cigar. There is a xtrillion times better smoke. Even produced within that year.

    Forget Aficionado.
    I refuse to rate a smoke even close to 90 unless it blows my mind and try it from different bulks and at different dates and moments before I go for a final rate.

    Also… As a marketing specialist YES it helps to have ads… NO it’s not always what gets you at the top.

    People will judge. Numbers will speak.

    Meet us and follow our ratings ( we like to discuss ) at

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