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Partagas Serie D No. 4

13 Comments 16 June 2008

Partagas Serie D No. 4


Strength: Medium
Wrapper: Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba
Style: Robusto

The Partagas comes with a simple label and a wrapper full of veins. The wrapper is a light tan color with some noticeable bloom and plume. And the construction is perfect. It’s a pretty good looking cigar and i like the “non traditional” label it comes with.

Smelling the wrapper is amazing and it was one of the highlights of this cigar. There’s a strong sweet tobacco aroma with a little cedar smell behind it. It was strong and in your face and I just sat there awhile smelling the wrapper because it was that good. It’s not to often that you can just sit there and enjoy the aroma of only the wrapper.

Lets talk about the flavors . . . . There’s something about this cigar that makes you stop and look at it. And that’s the first puff. On the first puff I picked up absolutely no pepper and no spice (which is great) like I did on the pre-draw, but what I did pick up was smoothness. Now I know smoothness is not a flavor, but sometimes I feel like it is. When you can “feel” the smoothness of the smoke on your palate it leaves a soft complex taste and I love that!

After the wonderful hits of smoothness, the first initial flavors I picked up was a Vegetable like taste, with tons of rich Earthy flavors. I was in heaven with this flavor profile because it’s something I am not use to and this Cuban is nothing like the other Cubans Ive smoked. I also picked up some flavors of Nuts, Roasted Coffee and more Earthy undertones. Im not sure where I got that “vegetable flavor” from, but on the first few puffs that’s what i tasted on my palate. It never came back, which sucks because I really enjoyed it. Be sides, wouldn’t you rather smoke veggies then to eat them?

The flavors don’t change and remain consistent through out the entire cigar. It picks ups in strength a little towards the end, but for the most part this cigar stays in the mild and medium strength level. It also remains smooth and so fresh on your palate and you got to love that!

One small down fall I did have was the roller coaster burn. At times it was great and at times it was bad, but with a little fixing it turns out fine. Sometimes when you stop to fix a cigar it can ruin your experience with it, but that wasn’t the case here. If anything, it was worth the time to stop just so you can keep going. Especially when you’re enjoying it so much.

By the time I finished my cigar I was feeling good. I was impressed with the flavors and even more impressed to find no spice and no pepper. I would absolutely smoke this cigar again and of course I recommend for you try it out.

Final Note: As good as this cigar was for me. I can not crown this cigar as the best Cuban I have smoked. There’s one Cuban holding that number one spot right now and I’ll have a review of it really soon. Do you know what it is?

Final Grade: B+

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13 Comments so far

  1. Man, your new blog looks stylish :)

    As for the PD4, I agree that it’s not the best Cuban robusto. Never understood all this hype about it.

  2. Agent 15 says:

    Thanks Denis! Yea its good, my heart belongs to another Cuban though :)

  3. Tom says:

    The comments below may be total lies, as the Cuban embargo prevents me from partaking in their allegedly fine tobacco’s:

    This is one, if not THE, favorite Cuban cigar of mine. I’ve had some bad, all power, no taste cubans. But this one deliveres in my opinion.

    Great review and website!

  4. Agent 15 says:

    Tom lol

    Its good, could be one of the best, but i wont know till i smoke EVERY cuban i can ;) lol

  5. Cigar Jack says:

    Everyone has different tastes, and of the limited Cubans I’ve tried the PSD4 is my favorite. I really love the flavors in this cigar and will take it over a Cohiba.

    I feel the same way about the Ashton VSG, I just can’t see what the hype is about.

  6. Agent 15 says:


    i agree i would take the PSD4 over the Cohiba any day too. the VSG may have a big hype, but im a fan. i really enjoyed it :)

  7. L2H says:

    I like this cigar although not as much as the Short.

    However, to me writing a review of a Cuban with out the box code, is like writing a wine review with out the vintage. What’s the point?

    You mention “some noticeable bloom and plume”, so I’m guessing this wasn’t rolled last year, but how old is it?

    If this is a 3 year old with bloom, I’d sure like to know that!

  8. Agent 15 says:


    Thanks for the comment. Next time i write a review on a Cuban, i’ll try and be a bit more specific. 99% percent of the time, they are gifted to me by friends and i forgot to ask lol …. in this case. i know for a fact its from 06

    thanks again!

    - Agent 15

  9. JasonT says:

    Finally got a chance to smoke one of these about a month ago. Nice flavors, but it had a bad draw.

  10. Agent 15 says:

    Jason, the PSD4 has definitely become one of my favorite Robustos. I really think the 06’s are smoking fantastic right now. Hopefully the next one will give you a better draw! thanks for sharing!

  11. Steve F. says:

    Son-in-Law sent me a box of the Series-D No. 4 for Fathers Day. They were from a Geneva cigar shop. Myself and two work buddies enjoyed 3 of them this past weekend with several bottles of Single-Malt Scotch. This has always been my “Go to” Cuban cigar for the price. It is a great smoke and the Pre-light aroma…as good as it gets. The construction is very solid and feels tight, but draws very nicely. I still believe the Romeo and Julieta “Short Churchill” has more spice then this Cuban. For the money, the Partagas Series D N0.4 rewards the smoker with loads of flavorful Cubanesquesmoke and a is a very smoke that is a pleasure to smoke. Keep the torch handy, it does tend to run just a little.

    Steve F.

  12. TampaCigarLover says:

    I agree. I recently had one and I would say it was very good but not great.

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